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A Fishy Hobby

Think hobby, think fish keeping. Fishes are the most commonly kept pets and stands as the world’s second largest hobby after photography. As pets, these vertebrates are not noisy, non-messy and don’t demand the space as needed for other animals or birds.

Fishes and Aquarium

“In nature, fishes are found in ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and the sea. They come in various sizes, colours and shapes too. Each fish is unique in terms of feeding habit, social living and compatibility with other fish species. One has to do some minor research / reading prior to buying the dream fish. This helps the keeper know more about the fish he is about to keep and helps avoid future problems like fights, diseases, wrong diet and inadequate space to swim. Once the fish feel at home in your aquarium, they show their true colour; physical colour and the inner character. Some grow big, but are gentle as a baby. Some remain small, but can be really bully with others. Hence the right combination is always so important. There’s much more to learn with each specie of fish and that’s how one graduates to further levels of fish keeping. The results are often rewarding, when they spawn in the aquarium.

Fish keeping begins as a hobby for all, but for most of them it turns into an obsessive passion.”

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