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Are You Pet Ready?


Are you a pet lover? Do your kids love pets and insist on wanting one? Who doesn’t love pets? Pets are the best companions one can have. But the question is, are you ready to be a parent to a four legged baby? Yes you heard me right! You will have to be a parent. Your pet doesn’t know that it is different from you. When you bring a pet into your family, it accepts you as its mummy or daddy. You need to keep a few things in mind before getting your new four legged baby home.

1: Do you really really want a pet?

Wanting a pet is all easy. But are you ready for a thirteen-fifteen year commitment? Bringing a pet home and tying it up near the front gate and feeding it three times a day is not commitment. You need to groom it regularly, the baths, the vet, the vaccinations and the works. You need to take care of its health, keep a close watch on its behaviour and diet. You can’t feed a pet whatever we humans eat. An animal’s digestive system is very very different from ours. You need to go to the extent of inspecting its poop every day to make sure your pet is healthy. Your pet cannot explain to you in human language if it is unwell or uncomfortable. You need to be a keen observer.

2: Can you afford a pet?

First comes the cost of buying a pet. If you are adopting it, you have my respects. If you are buying it, make sure you can afford not just the pet but its accessories like bowls, food, leash, vet bills and everything else that comes with it. If you think you can’t afford even one of the things, do re-consider your decision.

3: Are you a frequent traveller?

Pets especially when they are little (0-6 months) need to be fed frequently and trained right from the beginning. If you are a frequent traveller or if all the family members are working, do not get a pet. It will only be neglected and will crave for attention. You do not want to punish a pet that way. And if you travel frequently, although there are kennels and caretakers to watch your pet, I am personally against them for various reasons. The pet has to go through the agony of not only being away from you, but it has to be away from you in a different unknown location with unknown people. It will have to be caged all the time. And most of the kennels do not give the pets water for the fear of the pet urinating and lack of help in cleaning the kennel. You do not want a dehydrated pet when you return. I have seen this myself with my dog. Pets do not understand why you are leaving them and going away and this can be very stressful for them. So unless you know a friend or a family member who love pets and can take good care of them, do not buy a pet

4: Your pets are your babies no matter how old they are

Your house will be smelly unless you house break them at a very young age. No matter how old your pets grow, they will always be babies. They cannot live without you. They need your care, support, love and attention. They will be possessive of you. They love to play. They love new toys. They can get on your nerves. They can be very noisy. Are you ready for all of this?

5: Abandoning the pet

I have noticed many many people abandoning their pets when they can’t take care of them or if they have to re-locate to another place. If you intend to do that, please never get a pet. A pet is like your baby. I am reiterating this. Would you abandon your baby when you can’t take care of him/her or if you are relocating. I know India is not very pet friendly and re-locating pets can burn a hole in your pocket. Instead put them up for adoption and make sure they get a good loving home before you leave. The pet will be heartbroken nevertheless, but it will at least be in a nice house and not on the streets

6: Never gift pets to friends and relatives

A friend or a relative may love pets, but unless they ask you for one, never gift a pet. And never ever surprise a friend or a relative with a pet gift. They will surely never be ready for it and if they can’t take care of it, the pet only becomes a burden to them.

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