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Be Clueless

Credit: Sivamech R

Credit: Sivamech R


The TNEA (Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission) Counselling sessions got over recently. As I crossed the Anna University on my way to work I was seeing hoards of students accompanied by their parents walking in to the institute with a huge amount of hope and dreams.

Some students would have a specific course in mind. Some would have their eyes set on a specific college and would be okay to accept any course in that institution. Some would have decided to do their UG in the city. And some would want to study somewhere near home so that they can visit frequently.

And then there are some people who are pretty much clueless as to what they want to do. They wouldn’t have come across something that catches their eyes. So the back up plan for them would be engineering. Take up any seat that is offered to them. Go to college and check out their luck. May be they would end up falling in love with the subject. It is a possibility.

Another thing that could happen to students is that they could fall out of love with the subjects a year into the course. This has happened and might happen to any of you. And when that happens, all one could ask you to do is to take a deep breathe and relax. You will always be able to figure out life.

It is okay if you were not able to get a seat in your favourite course. It is okay if you had to settle with a not so popular college. It is okay if you have to move to a different city. And it is also okay if you think you are not cut out for engineering and go for something else.

It is perfectly fine if you are clueless as to what you are going to do next. Life has a strange way of unfolding before our eyes.

There are a million opportunities out there. I have seen people finish their engineering and then put up a restaurant, people who took up a software job and are now living abroad, people who did their masters and still took up a job that was unrelated to their degree, and so on.

Be clueless. Only then will you be able to explore various options as it comes your way. Engineering is neither a dead end nor a doorway to ocean of options.


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