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The body endowed upon us is God given through our parents and it is primary responsibility to keep it fit and healthy to transcend this stay on planet earth. So to say we need to have a healthy body with healthy mind and healthy spirit.

Healthy body

Healthy food

Healthy environment

Living foods are the key to a healthy body and a longer and more satisfying life. These are some examples of living foods:




Fresh vegetables

Fresh fruits

The body will heal itself when it is given living, enzyme rich, easy to digest nourishment.

Body will also heal itself if given sufficient rest, exercise, proper nutrition and a cleansing diet that included aspects of emotional and spiritual attention as well.

Reduction in toxins (exposure levels to pollution) and reduction in stress must be an integral part of rejuvenation programme.

Healthy foods are those grown on organic soil which are balanced foods which foster healthy balanced people.

Moving to vegetarianism or veganism would help the body to rejuvenate itself.

If we listen to the body and follow the diet recommendations in the live food lifestyle, we will get a complete and balanced diet that is packed with vitality


About 30 mts of physical activity per day (atleast 5 days in a week) can do wonders.

Make it a part of your routine, like walking to your office or the grocery shop or take the dog for a walk.

Pick an activity that you enjoy and than can be easily added to your daily routine.

Maintain a healthy weight:

In case you are overweight, shed those extra pounds because losing them will enable to have a better control over your insulin and blood pressure.

Eat healthy:



Sweet potato

Ripe water melon


They are valued as potent cancer fighters

Get some sunshine:

Small doses of sun increases your vitamin D levels which may protect you from certain types of cancer.

Be a complete champion:

Aim should be to always look ahead

Believe in innovation in every walk of life be it even your company

Exude super confidence

Be very focussed on work

Adrenaline pumping should be energetic and intense

Discipline and drive

The reason successful people reach the very top of their professions is that they practice the basis over and over.

Executing the basis may not look fancy or spectacular but basics enable you to  get results you want. Results are the only thing that counts.  Though they are considered ‘boring old basics’ as opposed to crowd pleasing, razzle-dazzle antics, winning requires mastering the basics and repeating them over and over again.

Healthy intimacy:

You do share your thoughts and feelings with a group of friends and/or someone you are intimately involved

Attitudes of winners:

Attitudes are more important than facts. A problem is  for solving and I have got what it takes to do just that.

Have a positive mental attitude:

Think, don’t react – When difficulty strikes, the tendency is to panic or to be upset, even to be resentful. One must discipline himself to be calm in his thinking. Do not allow yourself to emote. Only when the mind is cool, will it produce these rational factual concepts that lead to solutions.

Become a ‘how thinker’:

Not be an ‘if thinker’, but be a ‘how thinker’

‘If thinker’ broods over a difficulty or a set back saying bitterly to himself if only I had done this and so and so…..   the world is full of defeated if thinkers.

The ‘how thinker’ on the other hand wastes no energy on post-mortems when trouble or even disaster hits him.  He immediately starts looking for the best solution.  He asks himself ‘how can I use this setback creatively? How can I work something good out of it?

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