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Issue Two – Editorial

YSeeker Vol 01 Issue 02

With a limited release of the first edition, and still trying hard to establish a decent presence, this edition might seem too ambitious. We are after all a month old, and with no major corporate or media house backing. But we did choose to have it in the end. However, choosing the Person of the Year, was a different task altogether.

My first choice was basically Michael Phelps, but after a talk with other members of the board (namely Liana & Niki), we had 2 more short-lists, Barack Obama, and John McCain. As this discussion took place prior to 4th November, we had both options, & either of them winning would be an achievement indeed. Obama if he won would make history as the first African-American person to become to be President (which he did). McCain had he won, would have come out of the negative shadow over Republicans and G. W. Bush.  After 4th November, I had another choice, “The people of American”, who did vote for a change, they are soon getting the government they chose, the government they deserve.

With 3 great options after the election, I was still confused whom to select. However, Michael Phelps had this charm, a story of hope, and he had against all odds won out in the end, that seemed to me a good enough reason for the choice.

As with our commitment to bringing new content into the e-magazine, we have launched the new section where we review books and movies. Here I would like to have the pleasure of introducing Karthik Anand, (our extremely passionate about movies) Movie Fanatic, yes, he is a reviewer, yes, he is a critic, but he is much more than that, he is a lover of movies , and writes some really fantabulous movie reviews.

Another new face on the e-magazine is Thain Hunter a.k.a Stargazer, who happens to have a great amount of knowledge in both Science and Religion, which is in it-self a very rare combination.

Last but not the least, we have Raj Kiran a.k.a The Showman, who is a very creative and talented graphic designer, he has created the wonderful Cover of this issue (which I have managed to make it look bad :P), and will from the future editions be the reason we can make YSeeker more professional.

An expansion to our YSeeker Picks comes in the form of 1. Book of the Month, this month done by Liana, and 2. Movie of the month, by our Movie Fanatic, Karthik Anand, along with this month’s Website of the Month, with an exclusive interview with Dr. Radu Dan Moisoiu, founder-owner AstrologyWeekly.com.

                             – Byrappa – Founder, Publisher and Chief Editor.

A version of this article first appeared in the YSeeker e-magazine in 2008.


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