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Nithya Raghunath

Nithya.. as her name suggests is renewed and fresh every day. Very optimistic and sees the best in everything. This comes out in her written expressions. Nithya is deeply passionate and an ardent lover of writing and is an enviable wordsmith, (Equally passionate about food, and is a great foodie, cook, and baker). She brings out the inner workings of a writer’s mind when reviewing articles and books. (Also of chefs while reviewing a restaurant, bakery, or home-made food). She is mother to two angels, her daughter and a little pet doggy. Wife to a Commander in the Indian Navy, who proudly supports her in all her endeavours (A.k.A. crazy ideas). Nithya is the CEO and amazing Executive Editor of YSeeker Broadcasting; is the co-founder of HungWrimos; author of several books; and a poet.



Byrappa has lived and breathed in art, literature, science, technology, spirituality, music, movies, and photography since birth, largely due to his creative, traditional, and moderate parents, who gave him freedom to explore and supported his wild experiments, and a long-suffering twin sister who has gracefully, supported his endeavours.

A serial entrepreneur, his is first initiative was launched in January 1994, when he was still a nine year old, with more small ones over the years. It was with the advent of internet in India, and the mushrooming of several internet cafe’s in India in the mid-90’s that kick-started his first major initiative in January 1999. This was quickly followed by several initiatives and hundreds of projects during the ensuing two decades, each based on the three core values of Rodaasim, that he follows till today.

Byrappa studied at the prestigious Bishop Cotton Boys School in Bengaluru, and dropped out of high school. He later went back to college studying part-time to do his under-graduate degree, and finally completed his Masters in Applied Imagination from the Creative Industries, from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, in University of the Arts, London, at Kings Cross, London. While doing his MA, he was the founding president of We.Create, a community to support individuals in the university for personal, academic, and professional growth and development.

Since 2012, Byrappa along with some extremely talented people has team members or advisors, has been developing Rovirek to support several initiatives, projects, organisations, and individuals around the world, especially creatives from low socio-economic backgrounds and developing countries. Presently he is still the founder of the very first initiative Rodaasim, (Formerly The Collection), along with Rovirek, Roamer Media, and a few other initiatives. When he isn’t tinkering with Rodaasim or Rovirek, he can be found experiencing and then writing about culture, movies, music, arts, comics, etc. Or in the rare case that he ventures out of his “work zones” can be experimenting with what he likes to call photography. (Which he is extremely bad at, but you didn’t hear it from us.)

Resident Techie

Prakash V

Prakash is our resident talented techie and crazy biker. With a decade’s experience working in various levels in the IT industry, along with developing several softwares, scripts, ranging from productivity tools, games, media players, mobile apps, etc, as well as being well versed with multiple programming languages, OS’es, and platforms.

Prakash has proved to be an excellent engineer and leader with a diligent work process, focused strategies, persevering work ethic, and is engaged with and has empowered his team. When he isn’t working on the tech, he spends his time with his other love, his motorbike. And is found selflessly striving to create awareness about safe riding, and developing the motorbiking communities around the world.