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The Attitude Towards Bieber



Justin Bieber might be the most hated celebrity on the planet. At least the internet gives off that vibe pretty often. In fact at the end of the day, the boy has become the scapegoat that is used by every listener, whether he/she listens to his music or not to criticise the music delivered by the pop music creators.

Do not get me wrong; with the things that Bieber has done, he is possibly a Class-A douche bag; and more often than not I wish that I could slap him with a fish if I ever had the opportunity of meeting him in real life. However, the chance of that is extremely small, I would not even bother with him if he came to my city possibly because I do not listen to the overproduced pop that he creates.

There is an inherent problem here. When I listen to Bieber, which I do very rarely, I understand where the attraction for him comes from. He is a decently talented singer, possibly on par with the others from the industry. The only problem seems to be that he sings for an industry which no one would admit to liking much. He is not someone who is being paid more attention than he is due. He is criticised fairly often by the critics because of his way of music, and the songs that seems to be in the cheesy Olympics when it comes to the lyrics. Also the music on the albums becomes boring after a few spins, there are only so many times you can possibly enjoy the repetitive beats and the same old structures of the songs.

However, these things that are wrong with his albums are the same things that are repeated in other pop albums too. When Katy Perry sings on “Prism” she is producing the same beats, writing the same cheesy lyrics (even if they pertain to different things), and is doing all this with a vocal talent that is lesser than Bieber in some cases. The problem with Bieber seems to be simply that he is an easy target with his attitude now, and his looks and voice back then.

Bieber seems to be criticised for pretty much everything other than his music. His voice is criticised from the get go even though he has grown up enough to change his vocals to a point where it has become a distinct improvement over the initial albums. However, the haters persist to call him names and insult him for being his age.

The internet denizens like the idea of trolling a bit too much. It is really hurtful when the affectionate of Bieber are reduced as the butt of hurtful jokes with 4chan coming up again and again with movements like #cut4bieber. His fan base is extremely young and they are subjected to hate that should not be directed towards anybody.

The haters themselves, who claim to be lovers of rock and positively “good” music, seem to harp on about how Bieber should die to make way for dead musicians to come back. They are more annoying than the fans that fill up the fan fiction sites with lewd sexual imagery of their imagined encounter with the boy himself. It makes for a rather hilarious picture when you think about it, people saying that pop has gone downhill. Pop really has not gone downhill, over the ages pop has always been about cheesy productions and repetitive music. Whether it was early Beatles with their affection for the cheesy as hell love songs, or the 50’s where a song named “Splish Splash” made waves. Pop has always been the child of music that has been burdened with these artists who are polished a bit too much for our own comforts.

I am not comparing Bieber to the Beatles of course, how can I? But, the fact of the matter is, he does not deserve the hate that is put forward to him. Hate him as a person if you want, I do, but, as a musician he is not really different from the other people in the multi-billion dollar industry named pop music, and in fact he might be more talented than a lot of other people in the same.

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  • Radhika 09th April 2014, Wednesday, 23:22 pm

    Great article.

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    This article is… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!

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    Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the good work.

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