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The Civil Jungle

The Civil Jungle

Every day we see new cases of crimes and atrocities being committed around the world; these are not the ones committed by the so-called “Terrorists”, or the alternative names they use of “Freedom fighters” or the divine alternative of “Gods soldiers”; these aren’t even crimes committed by the politicians, the cops, the military, or the judiciary; they aren’t committed by criminals of various classes from the local road-side rowdy to the mafia; nor are these crimes committed by corporations for personal gain. So who is committing them? These are committed everyday, by the so-called “normal people”.

The very same “normal people” who don’t find it wrong to murder their spouse, children, or family; openly condone infanticide and destroy their unborn female child; hack down children, siblings, their lovers, and family members in the name of honour; harm their parents; their friends; their business partners or colleagues; or any other person irrespective of who they are for their personal gain. Yes they could say it was for honour, or it was because the spouse cheated on them, or for money, for god, for religion, for whatever crappy reason they want to give. It is a crime.

The worst part is not the physical killing of a person, that happens fast and usually the victim dies quickly due to being shot, poisoned, hacked, stabbed, burned, or any other imaginative way they can find. (Maybe burning extends the pain compared to other forms). The worst part is the mental and emotional killing which happens every day, sometimes every second, for days, months, years, decades, before the person might finally lose all interest in life and either commit a crime or end up killing themselves.

One such universally prevalent method is bullying. It could be parents, relatives, siblings, friends, classmates, teachers, colleagues, boss, or even strangers. Bullying has destroyed more lives than bullets, bombs, sticks, stones, and metal can ever claim.

We start of this week’s issue with the topic “Are you a Bully too??” by Jaibala, who has written a thought-provoking article about bullying and helping us reflect on ourselves. This is followed by Nithya’s equally important article, “Are You Pet Ready?“, which is a must-read if you plan to have pets. Ever.

Then we have the Lit Corner with two interesting  poems by Nirmal “Sometimes“, and Jaibala, “Unlove“. Topped off by another awe-inspiring, and jealousy-inducing (If you want to take even half-decent photos like this) photo “Happy Little Drops!!!! ” by the talented Raghunath.


27th April 2014

A version of this article first appeared in the weekly YSeeker e-magazine in 2014.


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