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The Five Year Itch

Well it happens every five years, and is usually (Actually always) accompanied by lots of drama, fighting, and tension. The elections are like a major event in the political scenario of our country, actually of any democratic country. It is the biggest form of democratic expression and the biggest right that the country can confer upon its people.

The elections gives us the right to choose who will be responsible for our country and policies for the next five years. The people who we choose will be responsible for how much money we earn, save, or loose; the laws and policies, basically everything that is required for a human to exist in the country.

With the general election’s round the corner in India, people need to remember that voting is not only your biggest “Right” but also your biggest “Duty”. And we should exercise our right as such. Women voters make up 49% of the population of India, and it is the mind, wants and needs of the women that need to be heard to take our country forward. Therefore, every woman in the country must step out and vote and her family must ensure that she does too. Won’t the lady of the house be responsible to run the household? Similarly she should have a say in who makes the policy decisions for her.

Another major force this time are the youth. The have the means to usher in the right ideas and issues and make a fresh change in the country. They can vote for the person who stands for new beginnings, fresh ideas, and a new perspective.

So people, come this April step out and Vote, be the change, be the difference. If you don’t exercise the right and carry out your duty properly then you loose the right to criticise and questions things when they go wrong. Remember this is your time to have a say, to make your point and to choose what you think is the best for you. The biggest gift democracy can offer you is this so make your point and Wake Up To What’s Right.

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