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The Making of YSeeker – 2008


Magazine, what image does that word conjure in your mind?

There is something magical about a magazine, something that even today after all these years, after readings thousands of magazine, neither can I really express why it is magical to me, nor what it is exactly that appeals to me the most about the concept of magazines.

I was crazy about magazines … hmmm.., I still am, lol. But the priorities have changed.

I have always been crazy about books, so much that my parents or relatives would give me one as soon as I went to anyone’s house to keep me from being myself (Being naughty actually). Nothing could waver my concentration when I had a book in my hand, not even Tom & Jerry cartoons; nothing got my imagination more than a book. Yet, even then something was missing with these books.

My earliest recollection of picking up a magazine to read was in early 90’s, one of my dad’s photography magazines. I had this natural flair for taking bad photos in manual mode, so I used to go through all his magazines, to see those images and dream about taking such pictures myself. Soon I started reading those, but couldn’t understand much because of the tech-jargon.

In the mean time, I read almost every book or magazine I could, even if I didn’t want to, people would make me do it to keep my notoriously humorous and naughty behaviour (My real self) inactive.

But it was the Chip India magazine in the last 90’s that really got me addicted. I used to wait every month to get hold of Chip and devour the whole thing in a day, then I would spend the next 3 weeks, re-reading it many times, & then wait again for the next issue.

Also the software CD’s which came along with it were really useful.

Something about Chip India was so special that it cut across age groups, and other gaps in the society, it’s huge fan following was tremendous, even though it was only a tech magazine. It was exciting to be a part of that, exciting enough that I choose to make a magazine like it myself. This was a dream which I told no one, but always kept thinking that one day I will do it, until 2005.

In 2005, my friend (brother) Adrian was bringing out his online magazine WN Mag and he introduced me to the very concept of publishing online, for which he very gratefully accepted me as a columnist, (I expressed my desire to start one too, and wanted to learn more). I wrote a regular column about gadgets and also wrote a few IT tips and tricks.

But to my utter disappointment we couldn’t continue it for long.

Then I went ahead founding a few groups, being member in many sites, even being moderator or administrator in a few. In the process thinking of this idea many times and putting it away, since I didn’t know a way to do it other than using word and a PDF printing software called CoolPDF, the quality of which wasn’t much to write about.

In August 2008, while talking with Adrian, I for the second time in my life expressed to him my desire to start a magazine, both times only to him, and with a few tips and suggestions I started digging around about online magazines and how to publish them.

With the help and suggestion of Liana, Prakaash, Govardhan Sir, Niki, and Prof. Dr. N.S. Murthy I was able to write a lot of articles and think about the magazine.

On 27th evening, I still wasn’t sure how to do the magazine, I had most of the articles in front of me, MS Word, and a demo version of Adobe CS 4 was open in front of me, and I had to compile it all and do the magazine, and have it ready the next day. With no prior knowledge of InDesign (any version), it was very difficult, but MS Word was never an option for making good quality e-magazine. I spoke to Liana, who encouraged me, I just said a quick prayer, and less than 30 hours later, on 28th evening, had what you can today see as the first ever issue of YSeeker.

I have had loads of help and advice over the years, by many friends (most of whom are now like extended family), I take this opportunity to thank all of my friends and advisors, (in no particular order), Adrian, Ana, Prakaash, Prof. Dr. N.S. Murthy, Nicole, Ryen (Sarah), Black Cat (Joe’d), Swetha, Tish (Sharon), Reichild (Rachel Wallace), Suzi, Raka, Samson (Ray), Earl, Jennie, Abhishek, Britishfish (Cody), Marco, Miztic Soulz (Sharon), Stargazer (Thain), Govardhan VT Sir, CJ (Charlene), Vinshi, Gautam Dhingra, Krishna P V, JP (Jayaprakash), Deepak Kumar Dubey, and not to forget Liana and Niki, and many more over the years who have tolerated me (:P), given me love, friendship, confidence, compassion unconditionally and most importantly have trusted me.

I thank all of them, even the ones whose names I have missed here, and dedicate the first issue to all my friends and my family. Thank you all, and love you all.


A version of this article first appeared in the YSeeker e-magazine in 2008.


YSeeker is a channel of YSeeker Broadcasting, a non-profit media organisation creating great content and promoting talented individuals through YSeeker Fellowship. Contribute and/or donate to support us.

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